Being in flow with the current of your life is something we’ve all felt at some point or another, whether we’ve known it or not. It’s the time in our lives when everything feels effortless and smooth. Everything is going our way! When we are in flow, we are usually doing things we are drawn to naturally; things we enjoy. However, so many of us live our lives doing the things we are “supposed to do,” rather than the things we “love to do.” Therefore, many of us remain out of flow and don’t even know it. We follow the herd rather than allow the herd to follow us. Because this is what we have been told, we are supposed to do.

We are supposed to go to college; we are supposed to get a job with a good company, and we are supposed to make a lot of money to appear successful. We are supposed to start a family; we are supposed to, supposed to, supposed to…But have you ever asked yourself what you WANT to do?

For the majority of your life, you should not feel pushed by obligations; rather you should feel pulled by inspirations. Meaning, there are things in your life that you will gravitate towards naturally. Things you love to do. This feeling is the current of your life pulling you towards your intended path. Those who choose to live their life based on everyone else’s expectations, rather than their own, will be met with much resistance and challenging times because they are going against the current of their life.


In my experience, when I’m in flow, I am doing things that I am passionate about in my life. Things that pertain to my purpose, such as writing and inspirational speaking. I feel the most connected and happy in these moments.
I’ve also noticed that when I’m in flow, I am not being pushed to do things, rather I feel pulled to do things. Tasks that don’t pertain to my life’s purpose don’t agitate me, per se, rather they don’t gravitate to me. I’m not pulled to them like I am with all matters relating to the progression of my purpose.

Being more aware of the situations and people in my life that I gravitate towards naturally, is in itself, a state of awareness. It is also a marker towards staying in flow.

When you become more aware of the things you are drawn to naturally, you can begin to unravel what it is you’re being pulled towards and why—such as your purpose. This awareness will help with discovering your purpose in life as well as continuing down your life’s path in flow.

So what exactly is flow? Being in flow in your life is a state of alignment. You feel happy, inspired, present and aware. Things feel at ease and relaxed, yet there is a present enthusiasm for life. Look back on your life at the moments when things seemed easy, and life was harmonious. This was a time that you were most likely in flow with the current of your life.

An example of this would be when you are working diligently on a fun project and three hours have passed in a blink of an eye. You were not clouded by anxiety or other distracting thoughts, but rather you were in a consistent focus or flow.



There will be times in your life when you may feel out of flow. You may feel very agitated, anxious, frustrated, angry, or feel as if nothing is working out for you. It is natural to have these emotions, here and there, but not consistently and over a long periods of time.

In my experience, if I feel like I’m pushing and pushing to make something happen in my life and I’m not getting anywhere—almost like I’m stuck, then I know I’m going against the current of my life, and I’m out of flow. On the other hand when I’m in flow and I am going in the right direction, things happen easily and naturally, as if I’m being pulled by the currents of the ocean. Please note: I am not saying to give up on something you are working towards because it’s not obtained easily. No, that’s not it all. What I mean is,  you may want to reevaluate the direction your going in order to get there.

Some people report that when they are in flow, they tend to experience what seems like “amazing coincidences.” Coincidences are small markers in our lives that point us in the right direction. Like signs or channel markers strategically placed for boats on their way out to the ocean, these markers help us easily navigate our way through without getting stuck. So, it’s important to become more aware of them when they occur.


Below are some common markers I notice when I’m In and Out of Flow:

Markers: Out Of Flow:

  • Feeling exhausted/drained physically, mentally and/or spiritually.
  • Acts of doing, rather than acts of being.
  • Having to perform tasks that feel like I’m betraying my ethics and/or morals
  • Moodiness
  • Feelings of consistent sadness and/or agitation
  • Sleep patterns are off consistently
  • Constant roadblocks when going in this direction

Markers: In Flow:

  • Feeling energetic/physically, mentally and/or spiritually
  • Acts of being, rather than acts of doing
  • Performing tasks that are aligned with my ethics and/or morals
  • Consistent happiness and appreciation
  • Feelings of gravitation-being pulled rather than pushing to make things happen
  • Eat and Sleep Well
  • *Coincidences that occur consistently pointing me in the right direction



The term “path of least resistance” isn’t always understood, correctly. However, nature gives us a great example of how the path of least resistance works. Flow is seen everyday in nature. Nature has the ability to be in flow or alignment with the universe. That is how nature works so, beautifully, perfectly, and with complete adaptability. As the ancient Chinese Philosopher, Lao-Tze, once said, “Nature doesn’t rush things yet everything seems to be accomplished.”

This is the part of the evolutionary process of “path of least resistance.” The path of least resistance is a very simple, yet a profound observance in nature.


The inherent law of physics states that pressure will take the path of least resistance. Water flows downhill because it complies with gravity. Electricity follows a circuit with the least electrical resistance. Storm systems follow a path through areas with the least barometric pressure. Bacteria will enter through the softer part of the tooth, the dentin, in order to form a cavity—the path of least resistance.

The natural order simply follows the path of least resistance. It does not fight to overcome odds. It does not fight to be the best. It takes no pride in accomplishing the improbable. Rather nature just does what is “natural.” We are part of nature, yet somehow along the way, we got off track and separated ourselves from a system that has been in place since the beginning of time.


When animals and plants evolve, they too follow the path of least resistance or flow. This is a hard concept for some people to understand because of the way we have been previously taught about life. We have all heard the saying, “Life is hard,” or “Hard work pays off,” or “Nothing worth having comes easy.”  And although these statements at times stand true; it is, however, not the natural way of our existence. We want people to appreciate what they have and not expect things to be handed to them, so we instill the concept of, “You must earn what you receive.” In a sense this holds much value when we are specifically speaking of material matter—Something we have placed a large amount of value on in our society in past few decades. We should be appreciative or what we have and we should earn what we receive, situationally speaking.

However, earning what we receive can be subjective when we are speaking of non-material matter. We can earn things in many ways. By helping, giving or teaching another, we are able to earn the intangibles, such as; respect, love, trust, and appreciation. Dividing ourselves into, winners and losers, or us vs them, or better or worse in order to have someone come out the victor and receive accreditation for their hard work and titled division, isn’t always the right way.

It is in our nature to love, trust, give, receive, appreciate, respect and be kind. This is the path of least resistance. It is not in our nature to hate, distrust, take too much, ridicule, disrespect and be violent. This is the path of most resistance. To hate, distrust, take too much, ridicule, disrespect and be violent is in essence harder for us to do emotionally and physically. It weighs on us; mind, body and soul. To love, trust, give, receive, appreciate, respect and be kind is in essence easier for us and more natural. It lightens us; mind, body and soul.

It is important to mention the balance of give and take. We must do both in a balanced form. If we are constantly giving of ourselves, and never receiving anything back in return, we will then start to feel drained and taken advantage of at times. If we are constantly taking and never giving back, we will become selfish and lose sight of the value of giving. This is also known as the yin and yang—The balance of duality becoming whole.


Many people will have a life dominated by struggle. They are out of flow. They are going against the grain. For instance, a flower does not force itself to open and blossom. It harmoniously blossoms in conjunction with it’s surrounding conditions, when they all are in alignment to do so. It is a team effort so to speak, a unity between the flower, earth and the sun. The flower will feel when the time is right to blossom. We shouldn’t force things to happen. Arianna Huffington said it best when she stated,

“Life is a dance, between making it happen and letting  it happen.”

Remember you must hold the vision and trust in the process as long as it feels right for you. Sometimes you are being prepared in other ways for reasons which will be revealed to you in time.

Finding your purpose and living your purpose are very personal, inner experiences that will transcend all in different ways. Only you and your intuitive spirit will understand the steps needed to progress. This is only a guide to help you  become more aware of being in and out of flow with the current of your life. As always, practice what works for you and know that only you can decide what is best for your life. When in doubt, follow your heart and it will always lead you back in flow.


What are you experiences with being in and out of flow with the current of your life?

DISCLOSURE: If you have long periods of aniexty, sadness, or anger please consult your physician.
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